LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting

Consulting Services

LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting works with public agencies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and coalitions to identify sustainable solutions to complex issues and challengesOur work is often at the intersection of these entities and aims to leverage the best of each in order to meet the collective needs of all stakeholders.

Management Consulting

We provide organizations and leaders advice and support to address challenges and identify opportunities.

Strategy Consulting

We assist public agencies, non-profit organizations and cross sector efforts identify strategies and solutions that lead toward results and growth.

Public Relations & Public Awareness

We work with public and private organizations, and their stakeholders, to learn and understand how they can best leverage their collective work and responsibilities.

Capacity Building & Quality

We work with organizations and systems to align and deliver on their goals and objectives.

Project Management

We manage large and small projects for public and non-profit organizations and cross agency efforts.

Leadership Development

We work with emerging leaders to define their leadership styles and goals.