LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting


LogoWithTagline_ALaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting works with public agencies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and coalitions to identify sustainable solutions to complex issues and challenges. Our work is often at the intersection of these entities and aims to leverage the best of each in order to meet the collective needs of all stakeholders.

Our Consulting Services are designed to meet the needs of clients while tending to their greater goals.

Our Values

Integrity…as demonstrated by our ethical strength, trustworthiness and ability to fulfill our expectations.

Relationships… as demonstrated by our ability to attend to people within organizations and understand how they can best support one another.

Transformation…as demonstrated by our efforts to lead and make a positive impact on individuals, systems, organizations and positively affect outcomes.

“We believe it’s our human capitol that makes or breaks every organization. When we pay attention to personal interactions among stakeholders we better understand how to support and leverage new possibilities. This leads to opportunities for innovation and success.”  Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn